Barcroft Cars | Filming of Plymouth Big Green Machine | 1929 Ford Converted Into Hot Rod

It’s not everyday you get the chance to video and photograph a customised individual Hot Rod.

Working alongside Barcroft TV, I met Plymouth based Graham Duffy who has built a 230 bhp custom hot rod. Which is super cool! Graham was spurred on to build his custom Hot Rod after suffering a mild heart attack. His personal passion project was funded by selling his 1972 and 1975 Corvetttes and with this fund he bought a 1929 Ford Model A body. This is made of solid steel and is the most valuable part of the car. To help with building the customised chassis of the Green Machine Graham drafted in help from the very experienced Bristol Hot Rods company. Although many of the features on the car are one offs that Graham has designed and manufactured himself.

Being able to film the Green Machine in action out on the roads of Plymouth was brilliant and a little unnerving. Now bearing in mind I was working solo on this brief, I had this great idea to strap my camera to the front of my van in order to get some motion footage. This worked amazingly well, so chuffed with the outcome.

Graham Duffy
Graham Duffy

Graham has named his Hot Rod ‘Reggie & Joel’s Taxi’ after his twin grandsons. They love traveling in style with their Grandfather. Seriously, I mean what kid wouldn’t want to be driven to school in this awesome Green Machine!

The Big Green Machine is remarkable and truly one of a kind! The full story can be read here.

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