Product Photographer | Krait Defence System | Systems Engineering & Assessments Ltd

When doing product photography, I am always looking for the best creative angle of the product and how I can portray the features and benefits of the product. As with anything this can sometimes be rather easy and other times it can be a real head scratcher. Well this project for Systems Engineering & Assessments Ltd (Sea) was a real tough nut to crack but once it was cracked the results were epic!

When I was approached by Sea Ltd to do some product photography I was like “Yeah, of course what sort of photography are you looking for?” Thinking to myself it will be the standard product photo shoot but also thinking this is going to be a great company to work with. Well, Sea Ltd are definitely a great to company to work alongside but I was so wrong about doing a “standard” product photography shoot. Sea Ltd engineer some very cool, hi-tech products and part of their shoot requirement they asked if it could be possible to do some underwater photography of one their products…. erm, hell yes! This was an awesome opportunity to experiment and get those creative juices flowing.

Producing an image of the KraitArray as if it was in the depths of the ocean (this is where it will be used) was tricky to say the least and a lot of patience and persistence was required. Fully equipped with a team of assistants, the product, a small tank, a lot of water, coloured light filters and a secret technique we eventually got THE best shot!

You made it to the end. So what you waiting for…

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