Video Production

Film has a way of touching you in ways you never forget.

Do you remember the first time you saw Thriller and somehow knew Michael Jackson had just redefined the music industry? Have you experienced the grainy Super 8 films of your parents’ wedding and realised you never knew they were so young – and so happy? Do you have that DVD copy of Love Actually that gets dusted off and enjoyed every Christmastime?

Nowadays, film is all digital and YouTube is the most popular website on the planet. People are attaching cameras to their motorbikes, their heads, even their pets. Videos are shared on Twitter and Facebook and may be watched by millions, even billions at a time.

If you love video and want to maximise your potential reach give Upright Media a shout. In last few months, we have created some great film pieces. Maybe it’s a short documentary film, your band’s first music video or maybe you want a professional touch in creating product demonstration videos for your website.

Ready to create your own motion picture memories.

Quick Quote

Samuel Wood Furniture

To create a 3-4 minute piece to feature Samuel Wood at work at his North Devon workshop. Capturing Sam's story of how he started as a joiner, his motivation, why he prefers to use hand tools and his core values with the timber he uses. 

Reform Fitness

Showcase the facilities that Reform offer their clients at their gym in Barnstaple North Devon. The gym is a friendly community vibe and definitely not your average gym. With that in mind the video needed to show that although the workouts can be hard work they are also fun and can achieve fantastic fitness results.

Pat Williams

After 25 years serving the Devon and Cornwall Motor trade Pat Williams Automotive put on a 25 year anniversary trade show for their clients. This video needed to represent, the size and scale of the stock that they have available, huge ranges of brands that they offer and the friendly and help full staff that work at Pat William's.  The client had a 30ft screen at the event where over 300 plus of their clients would be able to see this film rolling throughout the event. 

Atlas Packaging

Scale (the size of the facility) as this is often remarked by visitor’s. Environment – The sustainability of corrugated with footage of the baler and baled waste. Team – We have a diverse bunch with vast experience. Professionalism – We are well equipped and have process and procedures to be proud of. Industries – we supply packaging for many industries inc Food & Drink, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Horticulture and Manufacturers.

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