Who we are

The Upright Media Team consists of Andy and Katie Casey - he’s the crazy, funny one and she's the sensible one. Well, maybe she’s a little bit crazy – that’s what makes working with us so fun after all! We are based at our photography studio in Sandbanks Business Park, which is situated in Yelland, North Devon. 

At Upright Media, we take great pride in producing high-quality, visually interesting pictures, telling stories, shooting videos, being creative, and generally doing super cool stuff. I mean come on, like clotted cream before jam on you cream tea, it is the Devon way after all.

 Photography by www.uprightpr.co.uk


The Camera Guy

Andy (that’s me by the way) I always kick start the day with a fresh V60 coffee. I usually wake everyone up with the coffee grinder. Yup, you got it, I’m a morning person! I love living in North Devon and there’s nothing better than a Sunday stroll down the beach with the wife, kid and my trusty dogs. The beach has always been a great resource for my creativity, whether I'm riding my longboard or just watching the sunset.

Fun Facts about Andy:

I was signed to RCA records in 2000.

I used to be a beach lifeguard at Westward Ho!

I can do a one-handed handstand against a wall.

If you shake my hand, you can tell people you’ve shaken hands with a man who has shaken hands with a man who has shaken hands with Kurt Cobain.

I train 3- 4 times a week at the gym and love a gym selfie.

Katie Casey Upright Media Devon


The Paper Pusher

Katie (the wife/sensible one/actual boss) After finishing my Textiles and Surface Pattern degree at S.C.A.T in Taunton, I took a year out and worked in retail. This is when Andy and I first got together, working in a surf shop in Bideford, North Devon. We have a little monster – I mean beautiful daughter – but when you add the two dogs and my crazy husband and you have my life. Hectic, yet full of love and non-stop fun.

Fun Facts about Katie:

My favourite food is the Polish dish pierogi.

I used to be terrified of dogs (but we now have two dogs of our own)

I secretly wish I was Monica from friends I am a Post-It Note queen.

Most days off involved having my hair done by my daughter, who says I’m going to a wedding.

I’m a dab hand with a sewing machine and made 97m of bunting for a friend’s wedding